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Client – Great meeting today! I’m sending you the presentation on VIP 305 Miami and its Very Important Purpose. The first part focuses on the magazine, highlighted in red, while the green portion covers the nonprofit organization. Could you please remove all content related to the nonprofit from the VIP page demo, retaining only the information about the magazine? In addition to this presentation, I’ll also send you our price list, pictures, and some additional information.

Our reply – Sure, the points that we have discussed we’ll get that done and can you please highlight the changes from the shared file

Client – ABOUT VIP 305 MIAMI

VIP 305 Miami is a unique magazine that teenagers, parents, and teachers of all ages can enjoy.

Our mission is to entertain, inform and educate families in our community. We offer magazine space for students to write articles about their passions and teachers to write about important events happening in their schools.

We want the best for our audience; which is why we pride ourselves in only featuring ads that will truly  benefit our community. Our focus is to make sure our magazine is a great tool for parents and a helpful information source for teens.

From teen’s fashion & celebrity interviews to tutoring opportunities and staying healthy; our pages are filled with inspiring stories, services, interviews, social columns, general news, and a classified section for small businesses & services in South Florida.


Readers By Genders:

60% Female

40% Male

Readers By Ages:

45% Students (Up to 20 years old)

45% Parents

10% Others (Includes teachers, college students, etc.)

Readers By Ethnicity:

60% Hispanic

20% White

15% Black

5% Other

Our Magazines are distributed to all the private schools we partner with & public schools we work with; including different local small businesses, banks, and our partnering non-profits 


Printed Edition-

24 Page Magazine (9×12 inches)

60 Day Issue Dates

Circulation: 5000 Copies

Marketing & Distribution Channels: Our social media accounts, online through our website, private schools, public schools, local small businesses, banks, and our partnering non-profits

District: Entire Miami- Dade County Region, some Monroe County areas, and some Broward County areas

Free Distribution

Optional Subscription

Online Edition-


Instant Accessibility

Easy to Share

Instant Updates

Wider Range of Circulation

VIP 305 Miami has a very active role in the community by supporting important causes through our nonprofit Very Important Purpose, participating & hosting family friendly events, partnering with local small businesses, and emphasizing key values for our readers.


Our Printed Edition is not only distributed in all the previous mentioned areas but also every event we host and participate in!

Our Online Edition is constantly being shared through all our social media platforms and updated regularly; along with our blogs, events, sign ups and activities!

Our Visitors can read and view our magazines directly on our website through backlinks. Every VIP 305 Magazine from #1 – ,our latest, #28 can be found and read through our website.

Our E- Mail Campaigns reach over 15,000 consumers (including students, parents, and schools) every blast list.

Our Social Media Accounts will be one of the main channels we use to promote our upcoming magazines

Facebook- VIP305Miami

Instagram- VIP305Miami

Youtube- VIP 305 Miami

Podcast- ¿Que Pasa VIP?

  Magazine Pricing List:

Cover Page Full (Interview or Events Only)            $ 1,700.00

Cover Page Inside – Full                                            $ 1,300.00 

Back Cover Page – Full                                               $ 1,300.00 

Back Cover Page Inside – Full                                   $ 1000.00

Full Page                                                                      $ 800.00

Half Page                                                                    $ 500.00

1/4 page                                                                      $ 400.00

1/8 page                                                                     $ 200.00

Business Card                                                             $ 150.00

      Social Media Package:

1 post on our Instagram, Facebook, VIP website     $ 75.00

2 posts on our Instagram, Facebook, VIP website   $ 135.00

3 posts on our Instagram, Facebook, VIP website   $ 180.00

5 posts on our Instagram, Facebook, VIP website    $ 285.00

8 posts on our Instagram, Facebook,  VIP website  $ 435.00

10 posts on our Instagram, Facebook, VIP website $ 500.00

Our reply – This information is for the about us page right

Client – We want separate tabs so the about us information  can be a tab, and another tab saying “Advertise with Us” with those details

Our reply – Like this you want to get the information added on the website like these section right – https://prnt.sc/4QaValO4FOUf