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Yessika Siles

Personal Experiance

Allow us to introduce you to our exceptional CEO, Yessika Siles. With a remarkable background in marketing since 2013, Yessika has honed her expertise in preparing events and activations specifically tailored for organizations and companies, understanding their unique needs. Her talent lies in creating innovative advertising ideas that captivate customers and drive engagement with their businesses. Yessika’s vision to empower our young community and help them achieve their dreams led her to establish a non-profit organization called Very Important Purpose. Over the past decade, she has fostered a vibrant community where young teens actively participate in various ways participating in impactful events that benefit the community. Under Yessika’s leadership, our team is driven by a passion for making a difference and supporting our clients’; and teen’s growth. Together, we strive to bring creative solutions and unparalleled dedication to each project we

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