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About The Summer Camp

  Very Important Purpose is hosting their third sleep-away summer service project for teens between the ages of 15 and 17. We will be hosting this summer service project for six weeks. Teens who participate will be able to serve their community in various ways throughout the week. Each teen will receive up to 100 hours of community service at the end of their stay.The teens will learn teamwork, communication skills and leadership skills. They will gain an appreciation of their everyday life while working and helping local organizations. They will participate in daily forums with invited guests that will encourage them to love themselves and others. They will have the opportunity to participate in various activities such as soccer, volleyball, Zumba, yoga, etc. They will be able to cook, bake, and participate in everyday routines. Activities such as a Talent Shows, Karaoke Night, Game Night will be part of scheduled activities. Throughout the week, students will work with different organizations like La Ventana de los Cielos, The Ronald McDonald House Charity, Foster Care Systems, Humane Society Of Greater Miami, a Beach Clean-up, and more.  

With our friends from “La Ventana de los Cielos”

Visiting the Ronald Mc Donald House of Charities 

Beach Cleaning Day 

Summer Camp for Teenagers

Teenage is certainly the best phase of life when one can make countless beautiful memories. In Miami, summer camp is easy to join through VIP 305. We are running a friendly platform where you can easily make better arrangements to join a summer camp. We believe joining Summer camp in Miami is the best and fun way to keep yourself busy. That’s why we ensure you get a better opportunity to learn something good and new this vacation.

Learn New Skill at our Summer Camp in Miami

Be a nice person with our team of friendly volunteers and learn new skills to enhance your life. We have the best lessons for you through which you can not only learn something new but also improve your existing skills. Our Summer camp for teenagers brings new opportunities where something is available for every individual, no matter how people’s interests may vary. Stay connected with people, having a good sense of humor and get the advantage of your summer leaves completely.


Summer camp would help teenagers in spending their summer vacation fruitfully. They can provide community services in the summer camp and earn credits.

Yes, summer camp is beneficial for teenagers because they would learn many things related to self-development. Apart from that, they would indulge in community services, which would help them in cultivating good emotions.

Joining a summer camp in Miami is very simple. You can log on to the VIP-305 website, and surf through the ‘VIP summer camp,’ choose a suitable program, register for it after paying the required fees.

Summer camps focus on enhancing teamwork, leadership, and communication skills in teenagers. Apart from that, they would learn to show love and affection to other people.

The best summer camp in Miami is VIP-305. The camp provides training in many areas for teenagers. So, they would be able to improve their soft skills and gain the ability to help other people.

The duration of summer camp is six weeks, and the list of dates is provided on the VIP-305 website in the ‘VIP summer camp’ tab. The program would offer 100 community service hours to teenagers.

The cost of summer camp in VIP-305 is $700, which includes all three meals along with accommodation and transportation to community service sites. Moreover, they would give three shirts to a participant for easy identification.